The Child Care Plus Center was based at the Rural Institute from 1987 to 2012. The nationally-focused Center supported and promoted inclusive early childhood environments.

Child Care Plus is no longer an active project. However, the materials are still relevant. To address the needs of a broad audience, Rural Institute staff updated several Child Care Plus resources in 2021.

The updated materials are below. Original content from the Child Care plus+ project is shared in the Question and Answers and Try it Out tabs.

Child and Family Tip Sheet: Building Skills Through Toys

Children learn important skills from interacting with peers and play materials. Here are things to think about when evaluating toys for a group-play setting.

Child and Family Tip Sheet: Communicating with Children

Communication is the act of sharing ideas, feelings, and concepts with others. Communication can be verbal and nonverbal. Some children may have difficulty expressing themselves. Other children may have difficulty understanding what is said to them. It is important to identify and encourage all children’s attempts to communicate.

Child and Family Tip Sheet: Communicating with Families

Working with families is an important part of working with children. Ideally, child care providers, teachers and families learn from and support each other. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you communicate with families.

Child and Family Tip Sheet: Create a Learning Environment

A child’s environment communicates expectations and supports their development. The space around children impacts their sense of order, invites play, and promotes feelings of ownership.

Child and Family Tip Sheet: Making Connections with Children

The rewards for putting time and energy into connecting with a child come back to you in many ways. When children are in a caring environment, they learn to treat one another with care.

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