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Montana Child Care Center Directors Report: The results of directors from 248 child care centers completing the Montana Child Care Center Director's Survey in June of 2005. The process included telephone focus groups with Center Directors to identify key professional development issues; a written survey addressing five categories of training: administrative, business and financial, professionalism, specific skills, and taking care of yourself; and a 1 1/2 day Center Director's Symposium to a) review survey results; b) create a common vision; c) make recommendations based on the survey data; and d) participate in professional development.

Early Childhood Inclusion in Montana:Accomplishments and Recommendations - October 2010: This report describes past and current accomplishments of initiatives in Montana supporting the inclusion of young children with disabilities in early childhood programs over the last decade.

Montana Early Childhood Trainer/Instructor Development Report - December 2009: This report summarizes the results and the process implemented to create a system for approving Early Childhood Professional Development Specialists (PDS) in Montana. Through a review of education and experience, trainers/instructors in Montana are awarded a PDS I, II or III certificate. In addition, there is a provision for Specialty Trainers (dieticians, firefighters, licensed counselors, nurses etc.) to offer approved training to early care and education practitioners. The findings can be found in this report.

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