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Inclusion I Foundations: Child Care plus+ Course on Inclusion in Early Childhood

Stay at home and learn! This course is designed using a proven self-study format—an excellent way to juggle work, family, AND school. This self-study course highlights inclusion as a core component of excellence in early childhood. Through materials to read, assignments to complete, activities to try, and personal consultation, you will explore ways to individualize and successfully support children in your program. The course is a total of 15 weeks and can be taken to satisfy 15 hours of state approved training hours or for one college credit. The best part is you can complete the entire course from your own home or program!

This course is for you if... want new ideas and solutions for meeting the needs of the children in your program. have a child in your program who has developmental delays. don't have the time to attend evening or weekend workshops. are anxious to try out new ideas. feel like your skills in individualizing need to be updated. are ready to commit to ten weeks of training.

How do I apply for Inclusion Foundations?

Email Karen Bailey with your name, program, address, phone number, and whether or not you want to receive academic credit. The total cost for this course is $25.00 for in-state residents and $200.00 for out of state residents. You will receive an application in the mail which needs to be completed and returned prior to the start of the session. The application will give you additional information about the course and should answer many questions you have about self-study training.

Who is the Learning Facilitator?

The learning facilitator for the course on inclusion is Karen Bailey, Project Coordinator for Montana's child care inclusion services. Participants can expect individualized feedback throughout the course and the opportunity to work with the facilitator to develop creative strategies for inclusion.

If you are interested in more information, please email Karen Bailey

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